Thursday, February 7, 2013

Yeah I hate this!

Nowadays people love to take advantage on others.. And it's often happen to me.. It is between we can see it or not.. But what should we do? Should we just keep being nice to others and let them use us? Or should we do something on this matter?

For me, what can we do when we are having this kind of issue are:
1. Being sarcastic
2. Counter-attack
3. Stop seeing each other

Being sarcastic is the easiest way to make those people realise.. Let them know that we already annoyed and hate what they did to us.. (Sedap2 je nak gunakan orang)

Counter-attack can be use when u feel it is time to be 'evil'.. As they already use us before, why don't we use them back, for our own good.. As example, since they already cost you a lot, why don't you ask them to help you with something 'big'? You-know-what-I-mean..

Stop seeing each other is the best way actually.. No need to think about the issue anymore, let those 'parasite' find new 'host'.. Easy right!?

So for those out there, please and please and please.. Stop using people, and be on your own.. Till next post!! Chiow ~EM

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